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Most probably you have been hours and hours playing that amusing game called Worms. If you remember that marvelous 2D game, you'll love this free version called Wormux.

WormuX is similar to the original game, but here you will not find any worms in the battle. Now the armies are different, you'll find the Firefox team with foxes, the GNU team with gnues (wildebeests), PHP Team full of elephants,... A funny collection of armies ready to go to the attractive battlefields you'll find in this great game.

If you don't know Worms (is there anybody over there?), Wormux is a game where an army of animals fight other army. Your objective is fairly clear, you have to exterminate the other army. How will you do it? Easy, with bazookas, baseball bats, guns, grenades, airstrikes, kamikazes and more.

Wormux is really addictive, you will not be able to stop playing for hours.
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